Taidekeskus ahjo, Kirkkokatu 23, 80100 JOENSUU. Puhelin 050 5526 701.
art center ahjo
exhibition rooms
sysi hall
koksi hall
hiili room
kytö room

exhibition rooms

Art Center Ahjo is situated right in the town centre, opposite Joensuu Art Museum. (photos)

The wooden building, built in 1911, has maintained its old atmosphere with high rooms and wooden floors. Big windows give beautiful indirect light into six-metre-high gallery rooms.
There are two main gallery rooms in Ahjo, Sysi, Koksi and Kytö. There is also a smaller room, Hiili.
The biggest room is Sysi, with a floor space of 163 m2 Koksi is 56 m2, Hiili 20 m2 and Kytö 22,5 m2.
For exhibitions and events we can provide
  • Five movable walls on wheels, size 2m x 2m
    They can be used to alter the interior, for instance to create smaller and more intimat
  • electric power 16 / 32 A
  • stands of different sizes with painted black steel frames and tops made of painted plywood. Tops are white or grey. (photos)
  • a data projector (not let outside premises)
  • a movable screen, size 200 cm x 200 cm (not let outside premises)